5 Ways to Get Creative NOW!

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5 Ways to Get Creative NOW
1. Do something different.

Often we get caught up in the hum-drums of our life and daily grind, FORCE yourself to break out of your usual and do something different. Even if that means simply driving a different way home, a longer way home. Or instead stop somewhere you’ve never been and get out! See that ONE shop you always drive past. On that break in your routine you’ll be sure to see something unique, beautiful, strange or inspiring.

2. Turn off that darn TV & hide that darn mobile phone.

Yep. Those are the things that are draining you of creativity. We’ve become creatures where we think we need a glance at pinterest or instagram to get a dose of fresh ideas.Using pinterest is just copying anyway. Instead use that brain you’ve been gifted with and just go for it!  Buuuut, you can’t go for it if you’ve become distracted by your one millionth glance at your facebook feed or the next episode on Hulu. So just stop it, stop it now.

3. Make mistakes.

When you begin to create, don’t beat yourself up for imperfections. Those are your stepping stones toward grander designs and imagination. Follow your instincts when it come to materials, colors, and subject matter. If you need an extra spring board, get some ARTIST BLOCKS. 😉 *product plug* Then have a hand at it and watch yourself improve by trial and error.

4. Invite a friend or acquaintance over.

You’d be surprised how much you can add to your creativity by working along side another person who *gasp* is different than you. Everyone has their own thought processes and things that impassion them. When you’re with another friend, especially someone you don’t know as well, you’re influenced by them and you’d do creative things you yourself wouldn’t have thought of. There is always something to learn from someone else. So go ahead invite over that person who you’d like to get to know, being creative together is a great way to get to know each other!

5. Make it a habit.

Creativity doesn’t just happen over night. It happens over a long span of time when you’ve allowed yourself those moments of slowing down, a few minutes for meditation followed by moments of action then at last moments of inspiration. Look at it as finding a hidden treasure. Your habit is your map towards those gems and gold coins. Often your creativity isn’t found in the X that marks the spot, but in your journey to find it. Set aside a small amount of undisturbed time every day or even once a week for that treasure hunt.

Now go! 😉

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