Abide – Completeness, Comfort & Motherhood

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Whole‘Abide’ – Motherhood Series of 7 – Painting Seven
Acrylic and Pastel on Rives BFK paper on wood panel
20×20 inches

The Background:
I believe that this piece was in fact the last one that I began in the series and in ways it became the gap-filler. I needed a bridge between the dark blues of ‘Overcome’ and the greens of ‘Eve’ to span the color-wheel in a congruent way, which was an underline desire for the series as a whole. Motherhood has such a wide-range of aspects it seemed only fitting as a series to tie them all together visually like that. So therein became the color choice for this one and as layer upon layer the meaning and symbols became clear.

The Symbolism:
In this series, all are done on a square panel. Each piece depicts many symbols that are significant across many cultures and religions. In each square I’ve superimposed a circle. For each painting the circle or Enso will mean varying things depending on color, placement and application.

I give you the symbolism so you know what platform I based the entire series on. This gives you the keys to unlocking your own meaning in each work.

– Blue, water and sky. The color of depth and calmness, contentment and flexibility as in flowing water. Blue is a symbol for trust, security and loyalty.
– Turquoise is a color that signifies an open heart with the ability to understand the spoken word. Turquoise controls and heals the human emotions and creates balance.
– The circle is sacred and divine, often a symbol for the woman, earth, eternity, or the womb. A union between heaven and earth.
– The square is often symbolic of Christ or of the man, a symbol for stability, unity, balance, the four elements, four cardinal directions, four phases of humanity. In Islam the square is a symbol for the heart.
– Seven is a symbol of perfection, the days of Creation, the eternities.

Looking at the details:
This Enso of the series is the only one that is as boldly defined and complete. The circle is a bright beaming cobalt surrounded by washes of turquoise and various blue values. The washes of color give off the sense of slowly churning waters, an unceasing movement, like a slow moving river current. There is a sense of stillness and completeness.

To put Emerson to bed we sing him ‘I love to see the Temple’ and other various Primary songs while I nurse/snuggle him on the bed. Phil (my husband) kneels by us next to the bed and after the songs are sung we have family prayer. Emerson always anticipates the amen and pauses nursing to join in with a softly whispered ‘amen’ then awaits his Daddy’s goodnight kiss. Phil continuously presses his lips to Emerson’s cheek as Emerson lays there embracing the moment of being entirely surrounded by love. Phil then kisses me and says goodnight and leaves the room.

This small moment every night is more precious to me than I could ever imagine such a simple time frame in our routine to be. It’s this moment where everything wrong is right again. The week (or maybe 3 week) old pile of unfolded clean clothing doesn’t hold any weight on my shoulders as I realize within myself that neither does it hold weight in the eternities.

Yet my family, my family does, it’s the only thing that will extend through this life into the next. My little family is one of the greatest things that I have and have made a covenant with my Father in Heaven to be able keep. To me there is no greater purpose and no greater calling that I can hold than to be a wife and mother and to do all in my power to love my children as God and His son loves us. It is in this quiet, still moment where everything is complete, I have nothing to want other than to abide in it forever.

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