photographs by
Amy Ai Photography

Let's be friends. I'm

McKenna Woolley

I am a creator, and I’m obsessed. Growing up I always wanted to be an artist in one facet or another. I sprouted my love for the arts from a father who’d planted in me that love by taking me to the symphony and exposing me to the cultural arts often at a young age. Sadly not one of my siblings nor I picked up a passion for playing a musical instrument, though many of us in turn have become designers and photographers, my first instrument being a 35mm film camera borrowed from my brother.

Post-Highschool I spent nearly 5 years living in Frankfurt Germany where I taught myself graphic design and branding while blogging my journey and building a photography business, among working at an English speaking pre-school.

Assuming photography or design was my path I pursued photography when I came back to the U.S. for my first semester of college. Yet soon found I was deeply drawn to another form of creation, a form that couldn’t be seen though a lens or formed on a computer but had to be brought into being with my hands and raw, messy, materials. I decided to begin my focus on painting and drawing and have never stopped my love for creation since.

Add to that giving birth to my oldest babe, my pivotal creation; it changed me, changed my whole life focus and helped me find myself in my work. I haven’t stopped seeking to learn and master whatever form of creation has called me since. Be it learning how to make sourdough bread, creating a happy healthy home, or staying up to the wee hours of the morning to visit my arts during the quiet, kid-free hours.

Let’s just say, I’m never bored!