Christmas Cheer and Yearly Reflection

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I think I’m in denial that the year is coming to a close. It sounds cliché buuuut, you know I’m going to say it, IT’S GONE BY SO FAST! I still feel as though we should be lounging by the swimming pool in the summer heat instead of freezing toes off in the winter darkness, throwing off our circadian rhythms, continually feeling like it’s midnight at 6pm. Well, regardless of mourning how cold I constantly feel, nothing compares to snuggling close to my lovies, watching vintage christmas movies under blankets, surrounded by twinkling lights on the garland and tree, feeling the nostalgia of making it through the ups and downs of another year past.

Were goals accomplished? Yes, some. Do I even remember them? No. Have my priorities shifted? Have I shifted? Have I changed? I hope. For the better? I hope even more.

This past year started off with Phil and I hitting the road running, launching full force into web and graphic design with Woolley Media. He finished has last semester with the Post-9/11 GI-Bill stipend and we were on our own, paving our way into the world of providing a living sans-school. Our goals shifted when clients dwindled and our children were suffering having two work-at-home workaholics half ignoring, half engaged. It became time for me to let Phil take the reigns as provider and for me to focus on Momming. I took a step back from painting and designing and lived up summer and fall attempting to fulfill my babies needs. Phil began applying for jobs, “real” jobs and supported us through odds and ends that came along. At the end of summer a job offer, well two job offers came within a week of each other, and he accepted the one he felt he could see having the most growth potential. It was nice sitting pretty with steady income for two months until they decided to outsource his job, well, to him. So instead of him working full time, he then became a contracted worker and could work from home doing basically the same thing. It’s a long boring story, but possibly a blessing in disguise, though we’re still anxious to see the blessing of it. The contracts have taken time to establish so we’ve been strung up with no income for a bit. Such is life and it will all work out. Yet, thank goodness we did our Christmas shopping early enough that even though this month has had it stressors, we don’t have to worry about what to put under the tree. Phil is now building his portfolio for Realestate photography and adding that to the list of things Woolley Media has to offer as he ventures into doing projects solo while I focus on the kids.

This year Emerson enjoyed doing gymnastics once a week at a private place local to his Grandparents. He loved it and even more so loved spending some time with his Grandpa after practice. He made new friends this year and strengthened bonds with life-time ones. After a few years of playing not-so-well with my closest friend’s little boy, something clicked this fall, and now they play for hours on end without strife, which is quite the feat for the head strong and yet rather sensitive 4 year old. A new family moved into our neighborhood and Emerson and their oldest swiftly became friends and “Lords of the Summer” running amuck between houses making keystone childhood memories, coming home with blackened feet and dirt between fingernails. Emerson also enjoyed nearly 30 minutes of being signed up for soccer season this fall. He was enthused by the idea of playing soccer, but soon realized running aimlessly after a ball for 45 minutes was too much structure for his life of freedom. He’d beg to be the one sitting on the sidelines wishing longingly to climb the tree just off field. Aside from the fact that the “snacks” disguised as junk-food given at half-time and post-game being egregious to his health-freak mama the 8:30 AM Saturday game time suited absolutely no-one in this family. We all learned that we will just wait another couple of years until sports become of true interest to this vagabond and a venture exciting enough to sacrifice our efforts for.

Eleanor enjoyed her first birthday and many of the amazing milestones of year number 2 on this mortal planet. She’s the center to everyone’s joys considering her outright adorable disposition and sweet personality. We often joke that Emerson has my appearance and Phil’s difficult personality, and Eleanor looks like Phil but has my agreeable, lovely, wonderful, enjoyable, kind, (need I go on?) personality. 😉 It’s a good fit for her, because her caramel colored eyes are a dreamboat. My only complaint is that she’s become quite the night owl (my trait) and FOR THE LOVE, can’t get on a decent schedule. It’s really thrown off my ability to get things done at night, though we do enjoy the bonding time we’ve gotten with her even in the wee hours of the night. Ugh.

I’m not sure what the future holds for us, but it’s been nice having an abundance of family time this year. Even though Phil and Emerson struggle to get along at times because they’re too much alike. We have our irritants, and stressful times, too much togetherness can have it’s challenges. Overall it’s been a good and strange, peaceful and yet uncomfortable year. You know, just like any other year filled with the dichotomy of ironies and oppositions, for which I am grateful, growth in character is always good. Now, I am settling into blogging again, ready to share a new set of interests I have developed over the past 4 years. Giving myself no pressure, and simply going with the flow and (crossed fingers) earlier bed-times for baby girl.

I’m excited to see what 2018 holds.

Eleanor’s adorable baby moccasins are courtesy of BirdRock Baby and can be purchased on Amazon here or directly on their site here.


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