Welcome, Creative Market

I’m McKenna Woolley, it’s nice to meet you!

As an artist and sprouting designer I’ve been a huge fan of Creative Market for all of my design needs. The artist in me is always wanting to create my designs from the ground up, so in this past year of doing designs for clients I’ve begun creating my own vectors from scratch. I’ve created quite the passion for designing and have realized the potential I have in the Creative Market World and the unique approach to my work that I have to offer. I would love to be a part of the artistic community of Creative Market and would love your consideration for opening up a shop with you.

I having growing goals of reaching a niche target audience of those who are running their own direct-sales businesses; LipSense, Young Living Essential Oils, LuLaRo, Etc. Many of those businesses are booming here in my location, but have very little to offer their consultants as far as cute, personable marketing materials. My packs will be geared towards their customers/consultants, but generic enough for other designers to use as well.

The Citrus Fresh Pack is an example of watercolors I did for a team of Young Living distributors I was part of. The watercolors where such a huge hit amidst our team and other distributors that I know they’ll be widely desired. I still own the rights to these designs and know that there are already distributors who’d jump on the opportunity to purchase this pack and many more I have lined up to put together.

Also my goal for this next year will be adding fonts and mockups to what I offer in my shop. I’m currently teaching myself how to perfect and digitize my calligraphy and hand-lettering and know that fonts are a huge pull in the design industry and what got me to start using Creative Market for myself.

I can’t wait to hear back from you and look forward to creating for Creative Market!