Exploring Essential Oils | The best book on learning the basics of essential oil science and chemistry

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Exploring Essential Oils | The Comprehensive Science and Chemistry of Essential Oils for Beginners | Cole Woolley PhD

I had the honor of creating illustrations for an incredible and comprehensive book called Exploring Essential Oils, something I am so passionate about. I’ve been using essential oils every single day for over 5 years and I am a total nerd about them. I love learning more about their uses, how they’re made, the chemistry of them, how they are sourced, and the quality of essential oils.

The author, and my father-in-law, Cole Woolley PhD, is a chemist who has been working the nutraceutical industry since finishing his doctorate in Analytical Chemistry studies at Brigham Young University.

He is an expert in analyzing Essential Oils using gas chromatography, GC-MS, and chiral GC-MS. Not only that but he has a passion for botany, and has travelled the world helping set up distilleries and sourcing essential oils straight from the source.

His book, Exploring Essential Oils is so awesome, easy to read, and understand. He talks all about how oils are sourced, distilled or cold-pressed, the chemistry of them, and how to use them. Chemistry in general can be overwhelming to the layman and he makes it simple and straight forward so whatever you read will be retained.

This book is a great tool to have if you are just starting out using oils or even if you’ve been using oils for ages. You’ll definitely learn something new!

Get your copy on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2xcfsSG

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