Help the Starving Artists | Local Art Open House

McKenna Woolleyevents

My friend, Kristin Gulledge, who I met at a party once, she’s an artist! In a wonderful hour and a half or two we became insta-friends talking about art and photography the whole night through… She’s going to be featured on the next ‘Inspire Me Monday’ Woo! Get excited!

But before that, I have good news about her!

She is having an art open house on the 26th and 27th of this fine month of April!

Sooo… my friends if you’re looking for a way to get in touch with your artistic side, or want to take your boo on a super ‘ah-rtsy’ date, while also supporting local artists by purchasing some eeeeexcellent art, this is just the thing! They’ll be having live music and food and ART!