Mommy’s Art Hour FAQ’s – Orem, Utah Watercolor Art Classes

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Drawing and Watercolor Classes


Classes Start JUNE 13th 2015
Held every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month
Subjects covered: drawing, watercolor and acrylic techniques for all levels.

Class Bundle Options:
– 10-class Punch Card + Starter Supply Set
– 1st class $5 off + Starter Supply Set
– 10-class Punch Card Renewal
– 5-class Punch Card Renewal

A la Carte Options:
– Single Class
– Starter Supply Set

See shop for pricing.

Don’t see an option you want?
Contact me! I’m super flexible and love getting feedback.

Starter Supply Kit Includes:
1 Arches Paper Block 9×12″
1 Aquabee Sketch Book 9″x6″
– 1 2b graphite pencil
– No12 Round Brush
– No8 Round Brush
– 1″ flat wash brush
– Palette with samples of 13 Daniel Smith Watercolor paints
– Certificate for half-off one set of Artist Blocks Drawing-Set (date availability TBA)

Note: Kit must be purchased at least 1.5 weeks prior to your first class to allow for shipping time.

Additional Class Materials Provided:
– Artists Tape
– Masking Fluid
– Cement Pickup
– Spray Bottle
– Water cup
– Watercolor Board
– Acrylic paints and mediums
– Other drawing materials, pastels, inks, etc.
– Additional Sheets of Arches Paper (varying sizes)**
– Additional watercolor paint refill as needed**

**available for purchase cost of material

Art Supplies are provided for Single Art Class guests and are intended for in-class use only. Limited supplies available.

Additional classes and dates available upon request. Other topics include: oil painting, studio & outdoor photography workshops, photoshop, illustrator & basic web design, business & social media training. Prices may vary.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be a Mom to take this class?
No, not at all. It’s targeted towards Mom’s who need a little ‘me-time’ but anyone 18+ is happily welcome!

Can I bring my own supplies?
Yes. If money is tight and you’ve got a few old supplies around the house, bring ’em! Though I will say I definitely recommend the Start Kit because in art material quality truly makes a difference, especially with watercolors and paper. Though don’t let that stop you from coming and having a good time and learning the ‘how-to’s’, bring what you’ve got, I can fill in the gaps. Save up, and get the kit when you can.

Do I have to get the kit you provide?
No, but it is encouraged. This class is not just education theories and practice it’s education on materials and museum quality. Not all paint quality and colors are the same. The paints I choose to supply are of high-quality, light-fast archival quality, meaning your work will last and has to potential to be purchased or exhibited (if you will.) There are also specific color combinations and techniques that can only be achieved with these paints and materials. …And my OCD would like have consistency within the class.

I bought a 10-class punch card but what if I can’t make it every 2nd and 4th Saturday for 5 months? 
No worries! The punch card gives you flexibility and doesn’t require you to attend every single class, every month. Things come up! There is a one year expiration date on your punch card so that gives you some leeway if you can’t make it every time. It also allows you to take any additional classes I may offer in the future.

$20 a class, that seems expensive when I could just take a class at Michaels or Hobby Lobby for cheaper!
Two words, Shop Small. Taking private or small group lessons will always be more expensive than what you’ll get at your chain craft store. Though the quality and the intimacy is what differentiates the two. Not only that, but you’re helping support a local small business. I am an artist but that doesn’t mean I have to starve. This is how I support myself, my art and my family and payback for the time and money spent (and still spending) on my art education. I thank you tremendously for your support!

I keep my Starter Supply Kit, right?
Yep. Totally! You paid for it nearly $ for $. Shipping and some others were on me. 😉

Can I get a refund? 
You can be refunded for punch card classes that you have yet to attend and supplies you’ve paid for as long at they’re returned unused. Courses you’ve already attended are non-refundable because what you paid for was my time. If unsatisfied, please let me know how I can improve as an educator to make your experience worth it. I’d rather work to give you what you desire than to have you go away unsatisfied.

What supplies are available for single-class guests?
You’ll be using similar supplies to what comes in the Starter Supply Kit but may vary depending on what I have on hand. These are my personal supplies that I try to keep stocked but sometimes, depending on what I’m working on in my personal work, I may run low. My supplies can be used for 3 consecutive classes before I will encourage you to purchase your own Starter Supply Kit or I will simply add $3-5 per class attended without your own supplies. I hope that’s reasonable. 🙂

I can’t even draw a stick figure… Do I have to have any drawing skills to take this class?
Nope. This class will address beginning to advanced skill levels. In fact I’d love it if you are just starting out! I find great joy in helping those who are at the very beginning of their art journey. So how does this work with more experienced skill levels? Due to the small class size I will be able to work with each student individually to address all skill levels. For some, early instruction will be a great refresher, for others it will be brand new and may take practice outside of class. Classes will cover not just technical drawing and painting but expressive means and material exploration to help each artist find their voice, process and preferred subject matter. All artists, whatever their level, have need for practice and there are always new techniques to learn and explore. This class will be a great time set-aside for exploring new media and processes and getting peer feedback, which is a vital part of the artist’s education.

Any other questions?
Contact me at or right here in my (contact) form.

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