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It’s year-three of the launch of this website, of growth as a painter, year however-long-it’s-been that I’ve been doing photography and design, and THE year I’m going to truly take what I do seriously. This year is already off to a great start and I feel like it’s finally my time to take who I am and what I can bring to the world and BRING IT!

I love being a creative and yet sometimes have felt like the jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none, and yet, that’s just not true at all. I’m fetching good at what I do and if I’m not good, I work until I am! I learn and grow and improve and master. I don’t want to put myself into a box and only do one thing, only do art, only do photography, only do design, I want to do it all and so I am! I am a CREATOR and I can’t be held down! 😉 Each of these facets of visual art have a place in my soul, and a place in the world. So a place I will give them.

This January I’ve taken some time to sort out all the “technical-stuff” that artists usually neglect. I’ve got a scheduling system with forms, contracts, and all the behind the scenes stuff it takes to run a business, all setup and in place. Guys, I even have a separate bank account for my business, and an LLC.

Unfortunately in the past I’ve been taken advantage of and not been paid for work that I’ve done for people, I would get weary when it came to the “are you going to pay me part,” but no more! I value what I have enough to offer it to others. I’m learning to love myself more, not in a vain way, but in a way that shows that I value the talents that God has given me, I value the growth I’ve worked hard for, and I value my creations. I’m taking myself and my creative business more seriously and I’m ready to truly do what I love and expect that if others truly value what I do, they’ll support my business the right way.

So this is my year, my friends and I am ready!

Let’s talk about what’s new and coming this year with McKenna Woolley:

I’m now (officially) offering

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been doing graphic design ever since blogging became cool and have helped grow my own brands and projects(ssssss) as well as many other brands for family and friends along the way. Last year I started designing logos simply because others had asked me to and I fell in love with helping other creatives build the visual story of their business.

VIDEOS and photography for your brand!

I along with my husband Phil, will be offering video production! Phil is my business and backend site-building support, and audio, video-editor guru! Together we do the web designing, vlog and promo video creations. We’re currently building our video portfolio, so samples are on their way!

One of the best ways to showcase your creative brand is to show the maker behind the scenes. With special design collections, I offer to photograph creatives in their space, performing their passion or professional imaging of their product.*

*For Utah locals, alternative options available.

I’m honing in on my photography by
(ONLY) offering lifestyle portraits!

Photography has been one of my very first creative passions but I got worn out. I’ve come to find that I DON’T like weddings (yep, I said it), and I’m growing tired of the cliche family portraits, forcing unrealistic perfection. I love telling a story, a real story, your real story. So I’m culling back from offering traditional portraits and doing something to show the real, raw story of a family, a couple, a birth, a new baby, all done in-home or in a real place of value. With the exclusion of product/branding photography, I am only offering 2 lifestyle sessions a month. This will help me keep photography nurtured, loved, and personal as those sessions will not be lost in the sauce.

COMING SOON: Design Packs!!

In all my time spent illustrating for logo designs from scratch, I’ve started to build up quite the collection of unused graphics that I’d love to be able to share with other designers or business builders. Little items that’ll help make life easier. I’ve made patterns, vectors, washes and all sorts of things that’ll be great for those who are building their own direct-sales businesses n’ such.

Goal for Mockups and Font Creation

Once a few design packs have launched, it is my goal this year to learn how to create fonts and build some mockups. Those will also be offered along-side my design packs.


This isn’t all that new, but I’ve never placed much emphasis on the fact that I create custom artwork. So whether you want it on paper or mounted to panel I do both small-scale and large-scale custom paintings.

Actual blogging and nurturing of my instagram 😉

This is more of a personal business goal, but hey, doesn’t hurt to share. My goal is to blog (at least) once a month, even if it’s short, and take better care of content on my instagram. So, if you aren’t following me there, DO IT! Subscribe to my blog and get freebies, and discounts or informed first about sales so don’t miss OUT, DO IT by subscribing below:

Welp, that’s all for now!

If you’re in need of anything I’ve mentioned above, see my services page for pricing, I’d love to work with you!

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